MP for Mykolaiv on trial for kidnapping and torture

MP with two accomplices kidnapped and inflicted bodily harm to people.

30 October 2015 17:29

MP for Snigirevka District Council in the Mykolaiv region is accused of kidnapping and torturing people, reported the press service of the regional prosecutor's office.

According to the authorities, the Head of the agricultural company, MP with the Regional Council of the 6th Convocation and two other men have been accused of organizing and committing serious crimes.

- During the pre-trial investigation it has transpired that the MP for the District Council along with two citizens of the city of Nikolayev kidnapped, tortured and inflicted bodily injury to the locals of the village of Kobzartsy, Snigirevskiy district, reports the press-service.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the MP may face up to 10 years imprisonment.