The process of canonization, according to the rules of the Catholic Church, usually starts no earlier than five years after the person's death.

- Mother Teresa, revered for her help to the poor in the Indian city of Calcutta, is expected to be canonized, September 4, 2016 in the framework of the Jubilee year of Mercy announced by Pope, reported the Telegraph.

Calcutta’s Archbishop Thomas D'Souza told Vatican has recognized the fact that in 2008 in Brazil Mother Teresa’s prayers cured a man suffering from multiple brain tumors.

- I was informed that Pope Francis recognized a second miracle by Mother Teresa, said the archbishop.

October 19, 2003 Mother Teresa has been beatified by Pope John Paul II. In 2002 the Vatican officially recognized the first miracle that is said to have occurred after her death - in 1998, Bengali woman Monica Bursa recovered from a abdomen tumor.