Electricity was cut off in the mosque on the eve of the villagers' annual meeting, Lenora Dulber, a resident of Sudak, reports.

According to her, the Ai-Serez Muslim community received a letter of guarantee from the Sudak local power distribution zone (RES) saying that electricity in the mosque would not be cut off within the period up to December 31, 2016, until the preparation of all necessary documents for processing the mosque's legal status.

"By 2014, the villagers had already prepared all the documents for registration of a legal entity and cession of land to the community, but today the situation is such that in order to enter into a contract for the supply of electricity by the RES we have to undergo the whole re-registration procedure. Certainly, it will take much time, and for this reason we have to stop all the repair and reconstruction works. And all this is tolerable if it would not be a surprise to those who are engaged in the restoration of the mosque," said Lenora Dulber.

She also drew attention to the fact that electricity was cut off on the eve of the annual meeting of the villagers.

"I don't want to amass facts, but first the walls of the mosque were desecrated with offensive drawings - perpetrators have not been found - now the mosque is disconnected from electricity. If none of city services help us, they shouldn't interfere at least," Lenora Dulber wrote on her Facebook page.

In 2015, local activists organized a restoration of an ancient Ai-Serez mosque. According to them, the Ai-Serez mosque is expected to bear the traditional Crimean Tatar architectural features.

Photos and text: Avdet