Moscow to host separatist world congress Sept. 20

Movement representatives intend establishing an international working group to coordinate the independence fighters in the world

17 September 2015 16:16

Sept. 20 Moscow will hold the anti-globalization world conference, which is to prepare a draft UN resolution on protection of peoples’ rights to self-determination, reports the press service of the Russian anti-globalization movement.

According to the call for papers, entitled "Dialogue of nations. The right to self-determination and the construction of a multipolar world, "the anti-globalists are set to organize a working group that will coordinate the independence fighters throughout the world.

A document on defense of the peoples’ right to self-determination, which is planned to be issued as a draft UN resolution, is to be the outcome of the Congress. The organization does not disclose the list of participants allegedly for security reasons: West powers may prevent them from flying to Moscow. The Congress to take place in the President Hotel in the center of Moscow.

A similar event was held in Russian Federation late 2014. Then it was attended by members of the Unified National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) of the United States who advocate for an end to police brutality in the United States, as well as end to participation in armed conflicts in other regions.