The "Immortal Regiment" action that swept through all the Russia cities was no more than an empty shell for a picture of propaganda media. Right after the “celebration,” bloggers told about how the Russians treat the defenders of their country. 

Russian citizens were supposed to take part in the event bringing portraits of their relatives to honor their memory. However, immediately after the end of the march, most portraits were piled in a big heap.

“Listen, if people were carrying portraits of their dead relatives, would they throw them away at the end?” asks the blogger Andrey Malgin.

Russian media showed President Vladimir Putin, who also took part in the action on the Red Square in Moscow. However, the portrait of his father, a war veteran, had no personal data, like others.

Internet users also noted that all the posters were made using the same template and attached to sticks of equal length, many of them were very similar to each other, and some even identical.

Notorious St. George's ribbons were thrown away as well.

The photos taken after the meeting lift the veil of secrecy over the "Great Victory," clearly demonstrating the attitude of Russians to the memory of their ancestors.

Photo: Internet