Pro-Ukrainian blogger Stanislav Vasin, who lives in the occupied Donetsk, published eloquent photographs taken today on the city's Embankment. He has written on the pavement: "Donetsk. Ukraine. 24/08/16. "

“Nobody left in Donetsk. Absolutely.
Happy Independence Day!)
Donetsk Embankment. Today,” wrote Stanislav Vasin on Facebook.

Moreover, the Ukrainian national anthem could be heard in Naberezhnaya Street in the occupied Donetsk according to Roman Manekin, a Russian journalist and supporter of the "DPR".

“The morning on the Donetsk Embankment began with the Ukrainian anthem, which sounded from the hidden speakers,” he said.

According to him, the task force of the so-called "DPR" police has found the source of the signal. However, nothing is yet reported about the identification or tracing of those who played the Ukrainian anthem record.

Photo: Internet