SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - The number of parishioners in Crimean mosques is constantly growing, including in the main Friday Mosque in the Crimean Capital- Kebir Jami, Imam of Kebir Jami Niyaziy Ramazanov informed the Committee of Muslims of Crimea. According to him, during the last four years, the number of parishioners of Kebir Jami increased by 25%, most of them- young people, 20 -30 years of age. “Interest to Islam is increasing in Crimea. There are many students among parishioners,” noted Imam. He also stressed the increase in the amount of donations, which doubled during the last four years. Note: Kebir Jami- is a Friday Mosque in the capital of Crimea- Simferopol. It is the main Friday Mosque of Crimea and location of Committee of Muslims of Crimea. It is one of the oldest buildings in Simferopol, which was built by Haji Abdurahim Bek in 1508 on the bestowed by Crimean Khan Mengli I Giray land. This is evidenced by the extant inscription on the mosque. It is believed that the city of Aqmescit, now Simferopol, translated into Russian as “White mosque” also got its name from this mosque.