Simferopol (QHA) -

Crimean Tatar artists and sculptors spoke against the design of the monument to victims of deportation from Crimea, approved by the Ministry of Culture of Crimea.

According to them, the notorious ‘Mourning Mother’ monument does not correspond to the theme of deportation and looks more like a “Christian beggar kneeling at the church”.

Members of the Association of Crimean Tatar Artists headed by the Honored Artist of Crimea Irfan Nafiyev, convened a meeting in December 2013 and denounced non- compliance of the approved design to the theme of deportation.

During the meeting, it was decided to send an appeal to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, then-Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov and the head of Crimean Council of Ministers Anatoly Mogilev to suspend further development of this monument.

According to the Honored Artist of Ukraine Mamut Churlu, the approved design is another violation of the rights of the deported people to decent depiction of the tragic events in their history:

“The figure of the kneeling woman resembles a Christian beggar at the church asking for charity. Nowadays, there are a lot of similar-looking characters in underground passages in Ukraine and Russia”.

According to Crimean Tatar artists, the incompetent jury and the organizing committee of the contest for the best conceptual design of the “monument to victims of deportation in Crimea” are to blame.

“There was no professional jury, not a single artist-muralist or a sculptor. The monument they approved is awful. The character is absolutely wrong; this is trash that does not stand any criticism,”- said artist Ismet Sheikh-Zade.

To recall, on May 13, 2013, nine conceptual designs of the monument to the victims of deportation in Crimea were presented in the framework of the contest for the best design. The author of the approved design is Stepan Feodoridi.

The initiative to establish a monument in Simferopol belonged to the head of Crimean Council of Ministers Anatoly Mogilev.