‘Astelyt’ mobile operator that belongs to Life:) operator has introduced regional tariff ‘Salyam’ intended especially for Crimean Tatars. Chief executive director of ‘Astelyt’ Alexander Barinov said this at a press conference on September 18, reports capital.ua. According to him, with more than 250 thousand Crimean Tatars residing in Crimea, the company created a special offer for them. “We analyzed that the mobile services for these subscribers differ from the others. It's a closed group with a large number of calls to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Germany and Turkey”, - he said. Barinov also noted that the company has special tariff for Hasidic Jews. He emphasized, they are the only mobile operator in Ukraine that got the approval with the Rabbi (Religious teacher in Judaism). As it is known, Breslov Hasidic Jews from all over the world come to Ukraine to visit the grave of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, the founder of the branch of Breslover Hasidim every Jewish New Year. Special tariff packages for Hasidic Jews are sold at the airport and other places with an instruction in Hebrew.