Meydan, the world’s only Crimean Tatar radio station, which moved online after being denied a license by Roskomnadzor, goes off air in Crimea, said Asan Hairetdinov, the radio station’s Editor-in-Chief, in an interview with QHA.

“Meydan’s staff has been let off. I am now taking care of relocation to Kiev. The radio station will be broadcasting from there. There will be no Meydan here,” said Hairetdinov.

According to the Editor-in-Chief, Meydan suffered the same fate as 15 Minut website and Lale TV Channel. The brand's owner claimed his ownership rights, suggesting that all employees willing to continue their employment moved to Kiev.

“We got told that we would be provided with jobs in Kiev, but not in Crimea. At of now, none of the radio station’s employees is going to move to Kiev,” said Asan Hairetdinov.

It was reported earlier that Lale TV Channel, QaraDeniz Production and 15 Minut website ceased their operation as of December 16. According to the statement released by Lale’s personnel, Lenur Islyamov, the owner of ATR media holding Lale TV Channel was part of, claimed ownership rights to the brand. In their turn, 15 Minut personnel said they would be working on a new project.

Meydаn went off air on the night of April 1. The radio station, which was part of ATR media holding, failed to obtain a broadcasting license under the Russian laws. Meydan, which went on air on February 5, 2005, has celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.