“Merhametlik” charity campaign summed up in Crimea

18 August 2014 12:35

Religion Administration of Muslims of Crimea (Muftiyat) has summed up the “Merhametlik” (“Mercy”) charity campaign in Crimea, aimed at helping sick children.

All the raised money -- 2,238000 rubles -- was given to 153 people.

Making a speech Crimean mufti Emirali Ablaev urged Muslims to help each other and prayed for sick children.

“Merhametlik” charity campaign has come to an end. Let our children be healthy, let our mothers not see tears, let be peace and welfare on our land. Let us pray to Allah to help maintain unity and overcome all the difficulties that our people face”- Ablaev said.

Money was raised in mosques all over Crimea. Crimea’s religious communities and Crimean Tatar Association for Culture and Mutual Assistance of Ankara (Dernek) has lended 31, 575 dollars; Crimean Tatar Association for Culture and Mutual Assistance in New York lended 1650 dollars.

Note: Charity action ‘Merhametlik’ is conducted since 2009. Since its beginning, almost UAH 1,5 million were raised. A total of 331 sick children received the money.