(QHA) - Representatives of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars and the Committee of Muslims of Crimea are shocked by recent attacks on mosques in Crimea and are demanding that the law enforcement agencies take decisive measures to uncover these crimes. “The task of terrorism is to intimidate society. The fact that in both these cases nobody was hurt doesn’t mean that they cannot be classified as terrorist acts. We draw the attention to the fact that those who conducted the attacks remain anonymous. These acts of terrorism are aimed against the society as a whole, in order to create conditions for further escalation of tension. The only cure for the Crimean society will be not just condemning such acts, but concrete results of the law enforcement agencies”, said first deputy chairman of Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, deputy Refat Chubarov at a press conference. He also stressed that the law enforcement officers have capabilities to uncover the crimes and expressed concern with their silent position. “Today we are concerned that the law enforcers took a silent position. We still do not see any deep professional assessment of what happened. For our part we evaluate the incident as a manifestation of the terrorism forces in Crimea. We would like to announce today that failure to disclose these crimes will be treated by us as a reluctance to disclose them and assisting the forces that bring the Crimean society to a dangerous situation”, said the deputy. As reported earlier, 2 mosques were set on fire in Crimea. Crimean police are conducting an investigation into the incident, and criminal proceedings were launched under Part 2, Article 194 of the Criminal Code (intentional destruction or damage to property).