The first ever and the only one Crimean Tatar radio station Meydan may lose its frequency.

This comes as Russian Federationmedia and telecom regulator Roskomnadzor put all Crimean privately owned radio broadcasting frequencies up for tender last December.

Three Crimean radio stations “Lider FM”, “Trans-M-Radio” and “Breeze” were not allowed for the tender and lost their frequencies as they had not registered within Russian legislation yet.

As for Meydan, it also was not allowed for the tender, still it is keeping on broadcasting on its frequency up till now.

Plenty of Crimean radio stations, which failed to register within Russian legislation, were not allowed to participate in the tender and their frequencies were given to other, mainly bigger Russian stations.

Earlier, local radio broadcasters had protested an "unfair" contest that benefits Russian companies, addressing to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Crimean radio stations... consider unfair and wrong to hold a competition, which, in fact, will deprive us and our families of livelihoods," said five local Crimean radio broadcasters in a letter to Putin, quoted by Russian media portal (February 18).