People need religion especially in these difficult times the Donetsk People’s Republic is facing. Therefore, it was decided to open an “Embassy of Allah” in the ‘’DPR’’ in order to deal with the enemy effectively and to understand the Eastern people’s mentality. The organization will be headed by Marina Viktorovna Krivonogova. She, a native of the city of Donetsk and an active junta opponent, can cope with the task the best way, the terrorists’ Head Alexander Zakharchenko told in interview.

The journalist Marina Krivonogova or Tsvigun, has become famous for the organization of the sect "White Brotherhood", as well as for the attempt to commit an act of self-immolation jointly with her adherents in Kyiv Saint Sophia Cathedral in 1993. Then Krivonogova spent three years out of four in the colony, and after being released she moved to Russia and founded a new sect.

Her only son, 36-year-old Vitali, all the while is living in Donetsk and working as musician at corporate parties and weddings. He actively supports "DPR" and posts various news of the "Russian world" in the social networks