Man tried to sell Ukrainian girls to Russia

A detained 23-year-old guy who tried to take the girls to Russia for further sexual exploitation, faces up to 12 years in prison.

23 October 2015 09:56

A man tried to sell the unemployed women from Kharkov region to Russia. According to Segodnya, Kharkiv police has detained the 23-year-old young man, a native of the Zaporozhye region, while he was trying to take four local residents to Russia.

A man is suspected of human trafficking. According to the Internal Affairs Department of Public Relations, the young man was arrested Oct 20 near the Goptovka customs post. The suspect, acting on a prior agreement with an unidentified person, recruited four unemployed women, aged 24 to 32, and tried to take them to Russia for further sexual exploitation. The detained can face up to 12 jail term.