At a meeting of Muslim clerics held in the Uzbek-Jami mosque in the Old Crimea, Muslim spiritual leaders said that major Kurban-Bairam (the Feast of the Sacrifice) festivities would be held jointly with Feodosiya city authorities, reports a press service of the Spiritual Administration of Crimean Muslims.

According to Nariman Koroglu, Chief Imam of the Kirovsky region and Feodosiya, festivities are to be held on a second or third day of Kurban-Bairam. The precise date and place of the festivities will be reported later on.

“We would like the celebrations to be on a grand scale for the Muslims of this eastern region. We have discussed with the authorities the possibility of providing transport services to villagers from remote areas and ensuring all the necessary facilities for those celebrating,” said the Chief Imam.

Sacrificial rites are expected to be held in Crimea with the aid of the Mutual Aid and Culture Society of Crimean Tatars of the town of Bursa (Dernek).

The meeting was attended by imams, chairmen of religious communities of the Kirovsky region and representatives of Feodosiya and regional authorities.

Kurban-Bairam festivities (the Feast of the Sacrifice) are to be held in Crimea from September 24, 2015, through September 27, 2015.

Sergey Aksyonov, Head of the Crimean Government, is expected to issue a decree soon authorizing extra days off due to the holiday.