The aggravation of the situation in Mariupol direction (ATO zone) raises many concerns that Russia intends to connect the annexed Crimea with its territory at the expense of Ukrainian areas located along the Azov coast.

However, Presidential Administration spokesman for ATO issues Andrei Lysenko is sure that such a scenario is impossible due to its inefficiency in terms of military tactics. He stated this in his interview with a QHA correspondent.

“Strategically, this corridor will not be effective, because it will be exposed to fire through, and we (Armed Forces of Ukraine - Ed.) will close it again. Therefore, there is no reason to make the corridor,” said Lysenko.

According to him, Ukrainian soldiers will never allow the aggressor to carry out such plans, if any.

When asked how much Ukrainian territory is necessary to seize to create a probable corridor, the speaker said with certainty that such an initiative is not feasible.