The Supreme Administrative Court declared illegal the Ukrainian President’s inactivity to fire officers of the Central Election Commission, reported the Radical Party leader Oleg Lyashko on his FB page.

- The Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine upheld the claim by the Radical Party and declared illegal the President Poroshenko’s inactivity to fire the CEC members. This decision by the court will enter the history books. But as a citizen I am very sorry that this is the court thar forces President Poroshenko to perform his constitutional duties, but not the oath given to the Ukrainian people, wrote Lyashko.

Reportedly, the court partially granted the MP’s claim and recognized as illegal the Ukrainian President’s inactivity as for moving to the Verkhovna Rada a proposal to dismiss CEC members Astakhova, Danilevsky, Zhydenko, Lukash, Mahera, Ohendovsky, Raikovski, Usenko-Cherny, Chupahina, Shwets, Shelestova and Sheludko. However, the other claims have been denied.