Evening December 24, Crimean Tatar activists organized for those willing a lecture on Islam in the room of the first Lviv Library. The lecture was delivered by Mikhail Yakubovich, a famous Ukrainian orientalist, translator, scholar of Islam, author of the first complete Ukrainian translation of the meanings of the Quran.

- Currently, especially in recent years, a lot of stereotypes about Islam have mushroomed in the world. We ought to tell people about this religion in order to dispel misguiding thinking. It is important to say that first of all Islam is a religion of kindness and peace, says Mikhail Yakubovich.

This date - the eve of the Christian Christmas - was not chosen by chance since this year Catholic Christmas coincides with the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday. Therefore the lecture was scheduled for December 24, according to the project organizers.

After the lecture, everyone could ask the Speaker own questions. It is worth saying there was a lot of them.

The lecture was organized within the framework of the program "Crimea SOS” on support of immigrants’ initiatives and their integration into the local community.

Eskender Ganiev