August 24, the events dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine were traditionally held in Lviv.

The city authorities have prepared a festive program for 10 days, but its main events were held on August 24. The celebration took place in different locations around the city (more than 15 sites). But the most massive celebration took place in the central part of the city. The city authorities have decided to refuse from the parade with participation of military equipment, which was held last time in Lviv back in 2003.

“The greatest reward for our military will be the time that they can spend with their families. Believe me, it is very important for them, as they have rarely seen their families for the last 3 years,” said the head of the Western Regional media center of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Colonel Alexander Poronyuk.

However, the military were involved in the celebration of Independence Day. So, a military orchestra of the Academy of Land Forces has performed at the square in front of Lviv City Hall.

Also on Liberty Avenue, in front of the monument to Taras Shevchenko there was a prayer dedicated to the Independence Day, which brought together about five thousand people. Representatives of the authorities and the clergy delivered their speeches to the participants.

“On this day, we more than ever need to be united. It is the day when our country, our Ukraine became independent. And we are responsible for which will be our country. This morning I met my friends, who must be abroad these days. And when I asked them why they are in Lviv, I heard an answer that I probably would not had heard a few years ago. They told me that on this day they may not be in another city, except Lviv, a country other than Ukraine. This is such an indicator of maturity of people, I think. Indicator identifying the people,” said Deputy Lviv mayor Andriy Moskalenko.

Eskender Ganiev

PHOTO: Eskender Ganiev / QHA