Jan. 21 in the city of Lviv the activists of the student council jointly with the public initiative KrymSOS held an open dialogue "Crimea - our land."

The event was held in the premises of the First Lviv Multimedia Library and was attended by close to one hundred people with students and the older generation having been among them.

The celebration started with an introductory lecture "Crimea today" delivered by Alim Aliyev, a Coordinator of the Western Ukrainian office KrymSOS.

- Now, many people mistakenly believe we need to take more active steps to return Crimea, but first of all we should fight for the younger generation, left in the occupation since these are people who will build Crimea and all Ukraine, said Aliyev. After the lecture, all those willing could take part in the discussions and get answers to their questions.

Following the discussion, the attendees were shown the first Crimean Tatar feature film "Haytarma."

After that the visitors were given a Crimean Tatar coffee master class.

At the end, the KrymSOS activists jointly with the center of culture and crafts "Tamga” gave a lecture about the Crimean Tatar traditions “Hnalama."

After the lecture, the attendees were also taught henna painting.