Nothing threatens the life and health of the “LPR’s Head” whose car has been blown up today, August 6, reported the "Government" of the self-proclaimed "Luhansk People's Republic."

Today, at 7. 50 a.m. the life of the "LPR’s Head" has been attempted. The facts at the scene attest it was a terrorist act. The working group has been created in order to investigate the incident. The group has involved all law enforcement agencies of the "Republic", said the "Chairman of the LPR’s Council of Ministers" Sergei Kozlov as cited by the separatists’ information resource "Luhansk information center."

According to Kozlov, "so far nothing threatens Plotnitsky’s life, his health condition is stable."

However, according to "Interfax," Plotnitsky has been diagnosed as having damage to vital organs.

According to diagnostics, Plotnitsky has mine-shrapnel wounds that injured liver and spleen, reads a statement.

The morning of August, 6 the car of the ‘Head’ of the so-called ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ Igor Plotnitsky was blown up in the occupied city of Luhansk.

The former MP with the Party of Regions, Oleg Tsarev, who fled to the occupied territories, reported that Plotnitskiy has been severely injured following the blast.

Photo: Internet