A Crimean actor and director Nico Lapunov posted to You Tube a video showing the annexation of Crimea and his move from the peninsula.

The video started showing how Lapunov was embroidering the Ukraine’s map with a red thread, but following that he removed the boundaries of the peninsula thereby illustrating the annexation of Crimea. With the help of the thread, he also showed his move to the city of Nikolaev, noting that his soul remained in the Crimea.

They say that your home is where your heart is. It isn’t true. My heart and my house are in different corners, wrote Lapunov.

Russia occupied Crimea in February-March 2014, saying the rigged referendum on March 16 was the will of the Crimean people to join the Russian Federation. Most of the world has not recognized Crimea as a part of Russia. For Ukraine, the Crimea still remains temporarily occupied territory.

Photo: Internet