After being diagnosed with cancer, Zeineb Kerimova, 7, had no other option but to be operated on. Following the operation that took place on August 13, 2015, the doctors succeeded in removing the tumor but failed to save the girl’s hand.

“Zeineb is currently under the care of psychologists who are helping her cope with postoperative stress. Due to the particularly virulent cancer, the operation had to be performed a day earlier than it was originally scheduled,” the girl’s mother says.

The little girl will have to undergo 8 chemotherapy courses followed by a lengthy rehabilitation period. Zeineba is still growing, so she will have to get used to wearing an orthopedic corset that will be supporting her spinal cord. Exactly what kind of a prosthesis the girl will be comfortable wearing in her daily life will become known after a rehabilitation course is over.

There is no knowing how much money the girl’s subsequent treatment will cost because chemotherapy courses are very expensive. However, she is gradually recovering, being able to eat and smile now.

Any help can make the girl’s life a lot easier.

You can help Zeineb by visiting Zaporuka charity foundation’s website:

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Reifesien Bank Aval

Account number: 2600194742

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Privat Bank

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