(QHA) - 2,5 year- old Emir Seitdzhalilov needs our help. The boy has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Doctors say Emir has a chance to recover but he needs to undergo a long course of medical treatment, for which Emir’s family has no financial resources. Emir’s parents, Dzhevair and Osman Seitdzhalilovs are asking for support. Please help the child to recover! Bank information: Bank Name: PrivatBank Account Number: 29244825509100 MFO: 305299 OKPO: 14360570 Purpose of payment: transfer of personal funds to the card number 5168 7572 4852 6149, Osman Seytdzhalilov Seytdzhalilovich, identification code - 3098905459 Yandex.Money: 410012126475475 For more information, please contact QHA News Agency.