Today, League of Crimean Tatar Women public organization headed by Safinar Jemileva, wife of Mustafa Jemilev, Commissioner of President of Ukraine on Crimean Tatars Affairs, was forced to leave its office in Simferopol.

In her letter, Gulnara Yagyaeva, Director of the Crimean Tatar Library named after I. Gasprinsky, ‘asked’ the Leage to leave the office located on the territory of the library. Electricity and heating have already been turned off in the premises.

Women and men carried out furniture, tools and remnants of humanitarian aid distributed by the League, as well as archival materials, photographs that depict the activities of the organization.

“It seems that the year 1944 has come for the organization of Crimean Tatar women. The weather is snowy, windy and cold today, and we are evicted. We were asked to vacate the premises by the New Year. They seem to allegedly ‘concern’ about us in order we would not be left under the rubble of the premises. At the same time they turned off electricity and heating and make us out of the office. The weather is ‘crying’, as well,” said Safinar Jemileva in her interview with a QHA correspondent. 

Wedge Kashka, a veteran of the Crimean Tatar National Movement, came to support the League of Crimean Tatar Women.

“The only house for women involved in charity! What should we think about those vile persons if they will destroy the house today, whoever disposes of it! This is the infringement of human rights and such a humiliation. Who bought this court, whether they did it?” asks Wedge Kashka.

Women from the League are hoping that they will resume their work.

“For sure! Hope dies last. We are still willing to work hard for the people and do good deeds,” said Emine, a representative of the organization.

It should be noted that during its 20-year activity the League of Crimean Tatar Women social and political organization has held a large number of charitable activities.

In 2014, the League of Crimean Tatar Women was to mark its 20th anniversary. However, it was forced to suspend its activity as the organization did not pass re-registration under Russian law.