Last group of pilgrims from Crimea goes to Hajj

September 14, 2015. The last group of pilgrims from Crimea numbering 22 people has gone to Hajj from the Simferopol airport today.

14 September 2015 16:56

This is a third and last group made up of Muslims put on a reserve list and not included in a total quota of 300 people, said the press service of the Crimean Muftiyat .

The first two groups of pilgrims numbering 150 people each left Simferopol on September 7 and September 8.

A total of 322 individuals from Crimea are to go to Hajj this year, including 300 within a set quota, and another 22 as per agreement the Council of Ministers of Crimea and Spiritual Administration of Crimean Muslims reached with Muslim-Tour tour operator.