The last group of 102 Crimean pilgrims returned to Simferopol at night, October 4, 2015. The Muslims were welcomed by Esadullah Bairov, Deputy Mufti of Crimea, and Arthur Reshitov, Head for External Relations of the Spiritual Board of Muslims in Crimea, who congratulated the fellow believers with the successful completion of Hajj.

Despite the long journey and night flight, the pilgrims were in good health and mood. They were satisfied with the level of organization of the event.

The Muslims extended their gratitude to the leadership of the Republic of Crimea, the Spiritual Board of Muslims in Crimea and Sevastopol, ‘Muslim –Tour’ tour operator of Russian Council of Muftis and all those who was involved in organization of Hajj.

The first group of 220 Crimean pilgrims returned home on October 2. This year, a total of 322 Muslims from Crimea have made Hajj. However, the Crimea’s quota is expected to be increased next year.