Ruslan Balbek, a Kremlin’s brownnoser, has taken to poetry to show how he feels about the true leaders of the Crimean Tatar people. However, his small vocabulary and poor spelling caused Facebook users to make fun of him.  Below is the first of Balbek’s poetic ‘masterpieces’ (published on November 20, i.e. before power supplies to Crimea were cut):

No matter how hard Islyamov tried, bending himself out of shape and throwing grenades,

He remained what he is, which is a maverick and outcast

And Jemilev's gang are still living like beggars

And here’s a second epic piece Balbek came up with on November 21:

'Camrade Refat, hand me over some ammo'

And the request is met with silence

Because Refat took off from the battlefield an hour ago

'Hand me over some grenades, Mustafa,

I'll throw them under our enemies' feet

And the request is met with silence

Because you and Mustafa walk different paths

Either due to lack of inspiration or, rather, lack of electricity, Balbek’s poetic talents took leave after that. However, we will be looking forward with great anticipation to more of Balbek’s humorless masterpieces.