Alexey Yermolin, 42, Komsomolskaya Pravda journalist, has never regained consciousness and died of a head injury in a Crimean hospital on August 20, 2015.

The journalist’s colleagues have been coming up with different versions explaining his death.

Denis Rudenko, also a journalist, has posted a comment in the 'Crimean Journalist' Facebook group claiming that Alexey Yermolin has been killed.

“Alexey Yermolin, a famous journalist and our colleague, has suffered multiple fatal injuries of the head and cervical vertebrae due to an attack. His skull was fractured so badly that his little brain was cut in two. And don’t go buying all those reports claiming that was an accident. I really do hope that the police investigation won’t put his death down to an accident and give it a top priority status”, Rudenko writes.

The journalist has called on his colleagues to raise funds and hand them over to Alexey’s mother via Tatyana Ryabchikova, Editor-in-Chief of Krymskaya Pravda, who keeps in touch with Alexey’s mother.