Kolchugino madrasa located in the village Kolchugino (Bulganak) of Simferopol district cannot continue functioning in new realities of peninsula as it was not able to get a license in Russian-occupied Crimea.

In his interview with QHA news agency, Seyran Arifov, a former school headmaster, said, “The educational institution is not functioning now. We have been trying to settle this issue since the New Year, but in vain. We want to do our utmost to get the madrasa reregistered and function again, since children need attention, training and education in compliance with Muslim tradition.”

It is worth noting that children were taught the basic Islamic Knowledge at the Kolchugino madrasa. This school was among the first institutions having been searched by the ‘new’ Russian authorities.

July 24, 2014, 5 a.m. About 30 Berkut police officers wearing masks raided into the madrasa to search personal things of children and staff, but nothing suspicious was found. Fortunately, children were sleeping.