SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Daniyal Ametov, the so-called “king of land squatting” who was sentenced to four years of prison for events that took place in Simferopol in 2007 has been released and is improving his health at the moment. The “king of land squatting” said he was not ready to discuss any issues at present. “Those who were imprisoned feel moral and physical exhaustion. I am improving my health now,” – Ametov said. As reported earlier, being in prison Daniyal Ametov repeatedly announced about religion discrimination there. He also reportedly had Hepatitis B. Note: Imam of Muslim religious society “Selyam” and leader of “protest glades” Daniyal Ametov is famous for his active position on Crimean Tatar land squatting in Simferopol. He was arrested after event that took place in 2007, when he occupied 2.6 hectares of land that was allocated for construction of the residential complex. Ametov was sentenced to 4 years, but after examining the case, higher specialized court for civil and criminal cases decided to mitigate the sentence, reducing the time of his detention from 4 to 3 years.