Kindergarten and sewerage system for Tarabukin Str. inhabitants

19 July 2013 16:20
SIMFEROPOL/ AQMESCIT (QHA) - Simferopol’s mayor promised inhabitants of the Tarabukin Str. to build long-awaited kindergarten and sewerage system.

On the 18th of July the city mayor checked up the repair work in the 26th school, located on Tarabukin Str., according to

The absence of a kindergarten called Agieiev’s attention as well. To solve the problem in this part of the city, firstly several groups of kindergarden have to be opened on the basis of school. But according to standarts it is impossible to do without sewerage system.

‘As soon as we complete building sewerage system on Tarabukina Str., we immidiately will reconstruct one of the school campuses into kindergarden, and again reduce waiting list to the preschool institutions’, said Simferopol’s mayor.