Council members, administration officials, activists of various social organizations, as well as simply indifferent residents of the capital are invited to open parliamentary hearings, held in the Kiev City Council, with the purpose to discuss the future updated City Master Plan.

Opening the hearing, Sergey Tselovalnik, Chief Architect of the city, told that problems coming from architecture, urban planning, economy, demography and transport ought to be taken into account in the course of City Master Plan development since they are closely connected with it.

- Kiev is one of the most important cities in Europe. In 2012, in the context of discussions about West configuration, which may be expanded by joining to it Russia, Turkey and Ukraine, famous political scientist Zbigniew Bzhezinskiy suggested to move the Council of Europe from Strasbourg to the capital of Ukraine. Therefore, while City Master Plan hatching not only local, but also macro-regional as well as international factors of Kiev location ought to be taken into account, said the Chief Architect of the city.

Also Sergey Tselovalnik noted that while hatching the main architectural city planning document, the developers proceeded from the human-centrism principle, i.e. a capital citizen is in the center of the issue and an urban space is to be formed basing on the citizen’s needs.

- If earlier on the transit transport infrastructure was planned to be laid through the city center, now, for the convenience of residents, transit traffic is laid beyond the center, said the Chief Architect.

Initially legal bases of the plan development was to be discussed at these hearings, but, ultimately, the agenda has also encompassed the issues related to the whole complex of measures to be taken into account in the course of City Master Plan development. Therefore, now the issues cover historical and cultural heritage, as well as social needs of the citizens, such as construction of educational, science and health institutions. The issues in transport, road infrastructure and environmental protection are to be discussed separately.

Organizers expressed hope that these hearings would result in a quality document project entitled to be considered at a session of the Kyiv City Council. They also hope that the document project will make allowances for the tourism sector needs, as well as it will be able to accept comments and suggestions of all the interested- from ordinary citizens to public services and real estate developers. Photo: