The so-called "authorities" of Crimea have indicated just three places for Kerch residents where they are allowed to carry out mass actions, rallies, marches and assemblies, according to Kerch Info.

The Crimean "Council of Ministers" has even issued a special decree whereunder any kind of demonstrations in Kerch are to be held only in 3 locations, instead of 15 places where the residents were able to freely gather before.

So, the Kerch residents can now gather only at the city seaside promenade, Lenin Square and Letchikov ("Pilots") Park.

Before that the events were allowed at Railway square, in parks, as well as on the Great Mithridates Staircase, including the very top of Mithridat mount.

Annually, the city residents used to hold the traditional public torchlight processions on the Mithridates Staircase. Now the event is considered illegal.

Photo: Internet