Few people know that a monument to the MiG-17 is near the high school №5 on Busova mountain not far from the Botanical Garden there. The Mikoyan-and-Gurevich Design Bureau presented it to Stalin in the 1940s. Standing on a pedestal-star and looking into the sky the jet fighter has been pleasing the locals for many years.

Not so long ago the pedestal of the legendary fighter was painted in yellow and blue colors symbolizing the Ukrainian flag. The QHA newsman decided to find out who initiated this idea.

The teacher of the school №5, who wished to remain unknown, said:

- The idea was advanced by two men, parents of the students. They bought the paint and carefully "nationalized" a huge pedestal-star in Ukrainian style. Due to the lack of money, the activists have not managed to paint red stars on the wings, but if someone agrees to provide financial help, they will gladly take to the stars, said the teacher.