Responding to a question about the title of Merited Artist of Ukraine, Jamala said:

“I love Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston who did not have such regalia. I think that real national musicians draw audience and people listen to their music. Nothing has changed in my life after that, but it's nice.

The actress admits that she expected high points from Russia.

“When I was asked, I used to say: 11. But, I was a little bit wrong. People understood what I was singing about, they heard the crying.”

Negativity in the Russian media and social networks after the victory of Ukraine, the singer called a sign of weakness. She noted she feels embarrassed by the fact that entire TV programs in the Russian Federation are dedicated to her.

However, the Jamala has admitted that many singers congratulated her and offered cooperation. Amir Haddad, who represented France at the Eurovision, said that he wanted to sing a duet with Jamala.

Answering the question of whether she plans to go into politics, Jamala said:

“Where there is a policy, there are no feelings. Only real music tells a lot. These are different poles – this is not for me.”

The singer also told about the reaction of her relatives after the victory:

“I talk with parents every day. They're just crying for joy. They get a lot of congratulations – I would say there is a pilgrimage to their home. But, it is unpleasant that journalists of ‘Russia’ and ‘Life News’ TV channels are sleeping outside my parents’ house. So, they have to close the door and go to stay with relatives.

I dedicate my victory to my relatives. I said in Stockholm: “To be honest, I wish there had been no deportation, so I did not have to write this song.