Istanbul (QHA) - The First International Conference on Islamophobia: Law & Media concluded its proceedings in Istanbul on Friday. It endorsed the formation of an Advisory Media Committee to meet under the umbrella of the newly established OIC Media Forum headquartered in Istanbul, reports IINA. The Committee will be tasked among other things to examine further the recommendations of the Conference on how to better deal with the issue of Islamophobia from various viewpoints including media and legal perspectives, according to an OIC press statement. The conference endorsed a number of other important recommendations, which emanated from the conclusions of the three pre-conference workshops that discussed Islamophobia from a media, legal, and political perspectives. Among these recommendations that were unanimously approved by the participants was the institutionalization of this conference in order to be convened periodically in the OIC Member States. This Conference comes in support of the OIC efforts to launch a Campaign to correct the image of Islam and Muslims in Europe and North America, which has been approved by the 9th Session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers, 39th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers and the latest OIC Islamic Summit Conference.