An issue to give the name of the Twice hero of the USSR Amethan Sultan to the Simferopol International Airport is politicized. İt is proved by prolonged judicial proceedings and absurd decisions made by the same courts. The last such sitting of the court took place in the Appeal Court of the ARC on May 29, 2013. QHA is informed about this by the leader of the Vatan Qanatları (Wings of Motherland) initiative groups of aviators Nuri Beytullah.
“The ARC Appeal Court considered my appeal petition to the decision of the Tsentralnyi district court of Aqmescit of 29/03/2013 against the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea and the executive committee of the Aqmescit city council about declaration of an information disseminated by them as unreliable one”, - Mr. N. Beytullah said.
Earlier deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea – the head of the permanent commission Serhii Tsekov and deputy head of the VR ARC Serhii Donych as well as the Aqmescit Mayor Viktor Ahieiev alleged to name the Aqmescit airport after Amethan Sultan is impossible under the ICAO regulations because there is the Amethan Sultan’s Makhachkala in Russia. Otherwise, if these ICAO regulations will be violated, pilots can get lost and confuse Aqmescit with Makhachkala.
However, there are no such regulations of the ICAO, Mr. N. Beytullah stressed.
İt is interesting fact, the Tsentralnyi district court made “surprising” decision to re-qualify the civil action of N. Beytullah as “protection of honour and dignity” but not as “declaration of information as unreliable one”.
“Therefore, the Appeal Court decided to affirm the Tsentralnyi district court decision and to dismiss my appeal”, - Mr. Nuri Beytullah told.
However, leader of the Vatan Qanatları concludes this decision can influence the Aqmescit airport will not be able to name after the famous Crimean Tatar Hero Amethan Sultan.
“At the present, this issue is politicized and all attempts are made in order to prevent this. We did not ask to consider is it possible or impossible to give the name of Amethan Sultan to the airport. We demand to say: do the VR ARC and the Simferopol city council say the true about the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization? I contend they saying the untruth. This is lie and dilettantish allegation because there are no such regulations”, - Mr. Beytullah stated.