Elzara Islyamova, CEO of QARADENIZ Production, declined to comment on the closure of 15 Minut website.

“No comments now. I appreciate your understanding. We let you know everything we could,” QHA cites Islyamova as saying.

It was reported earlier that Lenur Islyamov, the owner of ATR media holding, explained why he made the decision to reformat the 15 Minut project.

“It’s pretty simple. The project is being relocated to mainland Ukraine, as it was the case with the several previous ones. All of the personnel willing to continue their employment will be able to do so in Kiev,” said Islyamov.

15 Minut website was part of ATR media holding, which also included ATR TV Channel, Lale TV Channel, Meydan and Lider FM stations.

On December 16, personnel of 15 Minut website which until recently operated as part of QaraDeniz Production, issued a statement saying they were wrapping up the project. According to the statement, the project will be continued in a new format.