On his FB page, a Crimean blockade coordinator Lenur Islyamov appealed to the Crimean Tatars.

- Ahtem knew what he was doing. It was his conscious choice! Today, each of us makes own choice. Ahtem is a free man confined to ward. All those who have chosen the path of humility and patience, cherishing the thought they are at home and there is no need to resist as everything will pass, are now in jail, in the prison of their own illusions and fears. There is no excuse for own cowardice. You are Crimean Tatars, Crimean citizens, your ancestors were great. Wake up, get up, look at the mirror after the morning prayer and ask yourself honestly: Who are you? How much courage do you have to resist the enemy? Only those deserve freedom who are ready to give everything for it! If when reading these words you feel what I feel, then we'll meet soon. I am here with my brothers-Crimeans on a temporary border, said Islyamov.