Lenur Islyamov, the coordinator of the civil blockade of Crimea, is sure the next year Russia will start discussing the terms on which it can dr-occupy the peninsula. According to Islyamov, the Kremlin will propose to return the peninsula on different terms, for example, without the city of Sevastopol or it may insist on the presence of some Russian military units in Crimea.

- If the oil is USD 20 for three months, then we will see such a situation in March-April. I think a good option will be if Putin somehow is swept from the office. The worst option - it will be a war with Turkey. Naturally, the war will speed up all this, Islyamov told the Odessa crisis media center.

Islyamov also added, Turkey is strongly helping the blockade participants and intends to provide uniform for the new Crimean Tatar battalion n.a. Noman Çelebicihan.