An interrogation has been adjourned till Jan 25, reported a Crimean blogger Zair Akadyrov r on Facebook.

- Today's meeting with Simferopol District Public Prosecutor has been called off. We agreed to meet on Monday afternoon, January 22, wrote the journalist.

Earlier, the police for no good reason led Zair Akadyrov out of a hall of Crimea's Supreme Court, where the second hearing over the "case of February 26" was held, and detained him for several hours. January 22, the journalsit said January,21 the Prosecutor's Office had summoned him for questioning.

- The document says I was summoned to the Prosecutor of the Railway District Kardash L. January 21 (!) at 11.30 a.m. It also notes that "the failure to show up entails administrative liability." An interesting detail: the summons was written in the past tense, wrote Akadyrov.