In the near future, the cost of providing remote access to the Internet in Crimea may grow considerably because of pricing policy of the state enterprises owing communications. Residents of rural areas will most acutely experience the rise in price for services of Internet providers.

According to Sergei Shilo, president of the association Development of Communication and Broadcasting in Crimea, Internet access providers have to raise prices for their services due to a sharp increase in tariffs for the use of communication networks administrated by the state unitary enterprises Krymenergo, Krymtrolleybus and Krymtelekom, Novosti Kryma reported. 

“The Directive was received, which requires all operators to conclude contracts on these terms,” Sergei Shilo said. “I talked to the operators from mainland Russia. The price for (speed) 30 Mbit/s is about RUB 1,600 there. So, we will come to that, if we pay such prices (for communications).”