The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation failed to conduct military drills in Crimea, according to a message by the Main Department of Defense Intelligence:

- The next factors show the fleet is not ready to carry out its missions: technological obsolescence of the ship composition of the Black Sea Fleet; delay in the supply of new weapons caused by economic difficulties; decline in the speed and quality of ship repairs due to the absence of a specific component nomenclature as a result of the termination of the military-technical cooperation with Ukraine.

In the framework of the tactical exercises of the Black Sea Fleet in the Black Sea waters, it was also planned to conduct landing operation drills in the Cape Opuk.

- The drills failed due to the technical problems on the large landing ships "Azov" and "Yamal": a jammed artillery projectile in the AK-176 and a hydraulic cylinder failure on the other, reads the report.

According to the Intelligence, the Russian command is stealing Kremlin-supplied equipment in the Russia-occupied territories of Donbas.

Photo: Internet