On Wednesday, August 24, following the military parade, the march of the Unconquered will be held in the capital. ATO veterans, chaplains, volunteers, relatives of the dead soldiers will form People column in Khreshchatyk Street.

“The war heroes beat the enemy with weapons and arms. But the public heroes also actually hold the front. These are volunteers who work for the good of the army, often giving away everything they have; doctors who save the children’s lives, risking of their own; soldiers’ families who give support and moral strength; activists who work on laws necessary for the military. All these people are the army as well. They should not be forgotten or left in the shade.
This procession is a sign of deep respect for the doctors, volunteers, soldiers’ parents and the unconquered fighters,” write the action organizers on Facebook.

Gathering of participants and the formation of the columns starts at 12:00 on Bessarabia Square. The Unconquered will reach St. Michael's Square, where a moment of silence for the dead and prayers for Ukraine will be held.

A lot of activities and events will be held in Kiev to celebrate the Independence Day, August 24.

Photo: Facebook