According to the Crimean media, a ten-meter monument to the Russian Empress Catherine II, was delivered from Moscow to the city of Simferopol on Monday night June 13.

- Late last night, on the Day of Russia, Catherine the Great "returned" to Crimea! I believe that forever, said the Head of the "Russian Unity" and initiator of the installation works Elena Aksenova as cited by the Crimean pro-government news agency.

According to Aksenova, the installation works are underway. It is planned that the monument will be located in Simferopol Boulevard Park and unveiled in July.

The monument to Catherine II was erected in 1890 for the centennial of the first annexation of Crimea in 1783. However, it was dismantled in May 1921 after the Bolshevik government came to power. Following the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence in the 1990s, the first attempts to restore the monument to Empress were taken. However, back then the project failed to be implemented since neither Kiev, nor the Crimean residents supported the idea.

Photo: Internet