Without a court decision a new owner of the former dormitory of Feodosia Mechanical Plant is trying to evict 40 tenants, most of whom received rooms in this hostel from the plant, and for many years have been living here on the basis of permanent registration, the hostel director Marina Shapoval told this Crimea News.

According to the tenants, they found out that the hostel is no longer the plant property Nov 24 this year. A group of unknown people came to the building and demanded them to leave the rooms as soon as possible. Those who came said they are owner’s representatives and showed the documents according to which Oct 16, 2015 a citizen Igor Anatolyevich Korchilovym registered the ownership of the dormitory basing on the sales contract.

According to residents, such visits repeated several times. When the tenants refused to leave the hostel, the owner’s representatives started threatening them again. Prosecutor of the city of Feodosia Victor Stepanov said the supervisory authority is investigating this case:

- We insist there are no grounds to evict tenants now, it is illegal. The owner is obliged to go to court to evict these citizens. We know that not only adults, but also minors reside in this dorm, so we are going to defend the legitimate interests of the people, on condition they have documents confirming the legality of their moving in, said Stepanov.