Simferopol (QHA) - Mustafa Jemilev commented Refat Chubarov’s election as new head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people. “I am satisfied Refat Chubarov is elected and would be happy if they work together (with Remzi Ilyasov-edit.) A historical event took place in the life of Crimean Tatars – new head of Mejlis replaced the old one after 22 years”, said Jemilev. With regard to his future activities, Jemilev noted: “In order to serve to a cause, it is not necessary to be head of Mejlis. My goal is to promote the strengthening of Mejlis-Kurultay system”. Jemilev also said that if the new head and new composition of Mejlis are not able to deal with their duties, a new session of Kurultay will be convened to re-elect Mejlis. “If this happens, the political fate of these politicians would not be promising. Therefore, they should be careful in their expressions and relationships with colleagues”.