RİZA (QHA) - Summer courses of the Holy Qoran arranged by the Department for Religion of Turkey are very popular not only among the youth but also among the aged people. Surprising is the fact that the most active students of the courses are retirees of 60 years old, press service of the Religious Administration of Moslems of Crimea informs referring to Ansar.
The most diligent students, that do not miss the lessons are Aynur Kişmir that is 70 years old, Memiş Kişmir that is 95 years old and Muhammed Balıkçılar from the Riza town, he is of 100 years old. Muhammed has broken the record, and now he is the oldest student in Turkey.
”It is not easy to study because of my age, but I am persistent. What can be more interesting than he word of Allah? “, - stated Balıkçılar .